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Our software development services

We provide personalized services for each of our projects. At JMSL, we do everything we can to meet our client’s expectations.
We strive for perfection! Therefore, it’s important that our client’s needs are properly evaluated.

Web applications

Let’s begin with a thorough analysis of your business processes.

Before investing in a software, it is essential to target your needs and adequately evaluate your processes. Do you know exactly what your needs are?

What if you wouldn’t need to change your current software solution but only need to review some of the processes? Making sure that you do not execute the same procedures more than once throughout your business process.  This costs time and money, and exposes you to more potential errors.

Software development

Accessbility to everyone from anywhere.

The power of the Web. What’s more to say!

Microsoft offers us a solid plateform that is made to build efficient web applications at lower costs. Since the arrival of the MVC model, web applications have grown substantially. MVC control suites have rapidly adapted to the needs of the actual market as well as HTML5 and CSS3 technologies.

Several JavaScript libraries are also available on the web to enrich the interfaces.

Windows applications

Fast development, quality interfaces, more resources.

Microsoft offers a solid platform to build Windows based software using  WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation).

It’s a powerful technology and there is practically no limits. Further more, your software will have access to your users’ computer resources.

If accesibility is not a problem for you, and the time for development is limited, JMSL strictly recommend a Windows applications.

Consultation & general development

You need a customized solution? Let us help you.

Personalized reports.
Communication interfaces between existing applications.

Improvement of your current solution if you own the code. There is no limit regarding what we can offer in term of customized programmation.